Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Interview with Apitherapy Expert Dr. Stefan Stangaciu

A Better World

Wednesday, June 8, 6pm edt:  This evening, Mitchell will speak with world-renowned Dr. Stefan Stangaciu to learn about Apitherapy, an age-old, rich healing tradition of using virtually all aspects of a bee, from propolis and royal jelly to its venom.·

Dr. Stangaciu has an extraordinary resume of accomplishments as a researcher, teacher, clinician and holistic, natural healer, with primary focus on Apitherapy, the use of all bee products for healing, especially integrated into Chinese energetics perspective.

Stefan has taught in some 45 countries, in numerous languages and has appeared on radio and TV programs across the world about Apitherapy and how it has and can be used for numerous ailments when so often allopathic medicine simply doesn’t have the tools to remedy.  Many of the illnesses are degenerative and yet significantly alleviated if not fully healed through skilled application of Apitherapy.  Visit: www.apitherapy.com

A Better World Radio & TV specialize in bringing forward thoughtful, innovative approaches to health, healing, wellness and a sustainable, eco-sensitive society.  Today’s program is another example of this kind of interview and programming.  A Better World wants to thank Yann Loranger and Adrien Thibault of the IDEAL Community, who are working with Dr. Stangaciu on promoting the use of Apitherapy, for introducing us.

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