Sunday, July 03, 2016

Humans Have Been Using Propolis for Centuries

Used by bees for building and embalming, propolis has human health benefits
Roisin Armstrong, The Irish News, 29 June, 2016

PROPOLIS is a natural resin collected from the buds of conifers and other trees by honeybees. It is used by bees to seal walls and strengthen combs of hives, as well as to embalm dead invaders. Nice thought.

But humans have been availing of the positive benefits of this very protective healing product for centuries; it seems to have been used as early as 300BC for inflammation and wound healing.

One very significant feature of propolis is that it has an amazing safety record. For the most part it is revered for its immune-strengthening capabilities and helping to protect from winter infections, but more recently there is a raft of research available that puts it way up the list for help with many serious issues including cancer...

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