Thursday, November 24, 2016

‘Bee-Tox’ Bee Venom Facials

‘Bee-Tox’ Venom Facials New Beauty Buzz For More Youthful Skin

NEW YORK (CBS NewYork) — Are you looking for a natural alternative to Botox?

Then “bee-tox” could be the answer.

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It’s a new type of facial that’s getting a lot of buzz, CBS2’s Emily Smith reported. The procedure uses bee venom and honey to tighten your skin and make it glow by tricking your body into thinking your face has been stung.

“Bee venom that sounds scary but once they got it they get addicted to the peel,” clinical aesthetician Julie Lindh said.

Here’s how it works. First, the skin is washed clean. Then, a bee venom potion is applied to the skin to help trigger the healing process, ultimately creating a collagen synthesis.

A second coat is then applied, creating a stronger burning sensation. Once application is complete, the client’s face is wrapped in gauze, locking in the concoction for around 10 minutes.

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