Friday, February 17, 2017

VIDEO: Is bee venom the secret ingredient to fighting wrinkles?

CBS, 2/15/2017

Bees are becoming buzz-worthy when it comes to smoothing out wrinkles. Bee venom in creams and lotions promises to fool the skin into thinking it’s been stung. The jury is still out on whether bee venom works, but using it could be dangerous for the two million Americans allergic to insect stings.

Tanya Phillips takes great pains not to feel the pain of getting stung by her honey bees.

"Bees don't like smoke, so this keeps them away from us," said Phillips as she squeezed a handheld smoker.

Deep in southern Travis County the master beekeeper knows if she stays calm the bees might too.
"I haven't done any quick fast movements that make them feel like they're under attack," said Phillips, the owner of Bee Friendly Austin.

Phillips works so hard to avoid bee venom she doesn't understand why the toxin is creating so much buzz.

"When it's injected into the skin there's a definite plumping that occurs, but it's not something that looks good," said Phillips.

She isn't sold on using bee venom, but it's becoming a trendy new ingredient for creams and cleansers. In a small study in South Korea 22 women applied bee venom twice a day for 12 weeks...

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