Sunday, June 25, 2017

Propolis Mouthwash Shows Antibacterial Action

Microbiological control and antibacterial action of a propolis-containing mouthwash and control of dental plaque in humans

Nat Prod Res. 2017 Jun 23:1-5

Propolis is a bee product with several biological properties. This study aimed at investigating a propolis-containing mouthwash, its organoleptic properties, microbial contamination and its antibacterial action in vitro. This mouthwash was assessed in vivo to control dental plaque in humans. The presence of microorganisms was analyzed and the minimum inhibitory concentration against Streptococcus mutans was determined.

A comparative study was done in vivo using propolis, chlorhexidine, and propolis plus chlorhexidine in lower concentrations for 14 days. Dental plaque was analyzed by the Patient Hygiene Performance (PHP) index. The odontological product was yellow, cloudy, free of microbial contamination, and exerted an inhibitory action in vitro. Individuals who used a propolis-containing mouthwash for 14 consecutive days in combination or not to chlorhexidine showed a similar PHP index to chlorhexidine alone.

The product exerted an antibacterial action in vitro and in vivo, exhibiting a positive action in the control of dental plaque.

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