Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Manuka Honey Helps Heal Horse Wounds

Manuka honey proves it worth in healing horse wounds, but quality is essential – study
September 13, 2017,

The value of manuka honey in helping to heal horse wounds has been shown in an Australian study, but the researchers say its important to use only the highest grades.

The researchers showed that manuka honey can have significant healing properties but not when it has a low Unique Manuka Factor (UMF).

Manuka honey is the only honey graded for antibacterial activity. It is graded against the standard antiseptic phenol.

The UMF scale runs from 0-30 and graded honey will have this on the packaging.

The study team tested whether UMF 20 honey had better effects on healing than UMF 5 honey and generic-store bought honey. They compared the results to healing of untreated wounds treated only with saline as a control.

The researchers also analysed whether the healing was primarily due to manuka honey’s antibacterial effects or because of effects on the cells that help healing.

Professor Andrew Dart, from the University of Sydney School of Veterinary Science, said the research was the most recent of a series of studies investigating the effects of manuka honey on healing of open wounds of horses...

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