Monday, July 02, 2018

Propolis Can Help Stabilize Natural Beauty Products

Is Propolis the Key to Safe Natural Emulsion Products? - Chromatography Explores

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As consumers become more conscious of their health and the effect they can have on the environment they turn to natural and organic products. In a 2018 UK report, the Soil Association reported that the growth in the UK market for organic food and drink increased for the sixth year in a row, this time by 6% with total sales of £2.2 billion.

And it is not just food and drink products that are seeing an increase in sales. In 2017, the Soil Association reported that sales of health and beauty products increased by over 20% — with the UK market worth over £61 million. A recent paper published in the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal — Effect of poplar-type propolis on oxidative stability and rheological properties of O/W emulsions — has investigated whether propolis can help to make natural beauty products stable.

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