Monday, October 15, 2018

Honey Shows Antifungal Activity

Italian acacia honey exhibits lytic effects against the crayfish pathogens Aphanomyces astaci and Fusarium avenaceum

Lett Appl Microbiol. 2018 Oct 13

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This study purpose was to evaluate the in vitro inhibitory properties of Italian acacia honey extracts against pathogenic aquatic oomycete/fungal isolates that cause different diseases in crayfish, resulting in an elevated mortality rate.

The antimycotic activity of acacia honey aqueous extracts were evaluated against the strain UEF88662 of Aphanomyces astaci (oomycete) and the strain SMM2 of Fusarium avenaceum (fungus). The extracts preparation was carried out with water by a cheap, not complex and organic solvent-free procedure, with low environmental impact and the higher possibility of large-scale reproducibility. The anti-oomycete and antifungal activities were quantitatively evaluated by growth, survival and sporulation microbiological assays.

The extracts displayed a dose-dependent inhibitory efficacy on oomycete and fungal growth and survival, as well as on the production of oomycete and fungal spores. Supported by future in vivo studies, our results encourage the use of natural extracts like honey as innovative tools to counteract mycotic infections.

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