Tuesday, January 08, 2019

Propolis Exerts Protective Effect Against Ovarian Reperfusion Injury

The protective effect of propolis on rat ovary against ischemia-reperfusion injury: Immunohistochemical, biochemical and histopathological evaluations

Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy
Volume 111, March 2019

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• Ischemia/reperfusion caused increases in cytokines and oxidative-DNA damage in ovary.
• Propolis reversed the biochemical and immunohistochemical parameters in ovarian.
• Propolis restored histopathological changes and reduction of antioxidant enzymes.
• Propolis decreased germ cell apoptosis, DNA and tissue injury, infalammation.

In conclusion, the above findings demonstrate that propolis exerted a protective effect against ovarian I/RI in rats, through the inhibition of oxidative stress, the suppression of inflammatory processes, downregulation of 8-OHdG formations and the inhibition of ovarian cell apoptosis.

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