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Polish Pine Herbhoney Used to Treat Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Nettle Herbhoney Treats Gastrointestinal Disorders

[Characteristics and pro-health benefits of herbhoneys]
[Article in Polish]

Pol Merkur Lekarski. 2019 Jun 28;46(276):263-267.

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Herbhoneys are bee origin products. However, they differ from traditional honeys in the production method. The process of making herbhoneys is based on feeding bees with nourishments, which are a combination of sugar syrup and plant extracts.

For the preparation of the nourishment, plants that do not produce nectar or honeydew are often used.

Thanks to this treatment, ready-made herbhoney, apart from a rich composition of mineral compounds, may also contain active substances. Herbhoneys have a characteristic color, which is associated with its plant origin and chemical composition. They are used in the therapy and prevention of many diseases, and their health-promoting effect is associated with the plant material used to prepare the nutrient solution.

Research shows positive influence of pine herbhoney in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infections, or the use of nettle herbhoney in gastrointestinal disorders. There are diverse data on the elemental composition of herbhoneys compared to natural honey. However, the essential factor conditioning the mineral content is the origin of honey and herbahoneys used for analysis.

Herbhoneys, like traditional honey, have antimicrobial activity. They have been shown to be bactericidal against gram-positive and gram-negative pathogenic bacteria. The content of bioactive substances in herbhoneys determines their high antioxidant potential.

Studies also indicate the presence of polyphenols, which occurrence is not observed in natural honeys. Herbhoneys, despite numerous health-promoting properties, are not a popular products on the Polish market.

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