Friday, June 13, 2008

Bee Products Used to Treat Wounds, Burns, Ulcers, Allergies, Hemorrhoids

Honey Said to Work on Allergies and Cuts
By Geralda Miller, The Reno Gazette-Journal (USA), 6/10/2008

..Dr. Michael Gerber, a homeopathic physician in Reno, said he learned early in his medical training about honey's features.

He remembers taking care of a morbidly obese man after he had gall bladder surgery.

"It was my job to honey the wound twice a day," he said. "Honey is a great antiseptic. Bacteria cannot live in honey."

Leonard Joy, a local bee keeper and honey producer, said he appreciates honey's qualities. "Whenever I get a cut or an abrasion I put it (honey) on the Band-Aid," he said. "It keeps bacteria from growing and it stimulates healing."…

Meanwhile, in addition to honey, Gerber says the venom in bee stings, the glue the holds the bee hives together and the whole bee are medicinal.

"The whole bee, the whole hive is wonderful," he said.

Here are some medicinal uses and remedies for sweet honey and the bee:

Allergies: Using honey made within a 100-mile radius will help with allergies, Joy said.

"Local honey with local pollens helps build the immunity," he said. "Now it only works on pollen that these bees collect."

Foster said about 80 percent of the honey he sells at local farmers markets is to people who believe it will help their hay fever and allergies.

"A lot of doctors send their patients with allergies to get local honey," Foster said.

The whole bee, ground up and homeopathically diluted, also is good for allergies, Gerber said.

Burns: Because of its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, honey can promote healing burns.

"It has been used in burn units for years," Joy said.

Instead of using the aloe vera plant, treat a burn at home by running cool water over it, applying a little honey and covering with clean gauze.

Hemorrhoids: Honey works as an anti-inflammatory for hemorrhoids. Instead of using in the liquid form, Gerber suggests using beeswax. Beeswax is produced from the bee hive of honey bees.

Ulcers/gastritis: The resin bees create to build their hives, which is called propolis, is an anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory that is good for ulcers and gastritis, Gerber said. He said the "glue" also is good for colds and as an immune strengthener…

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