Sunday, June 29, 2008

Video: Use of Active Manuka Honey for Wound Care



Dubhead said...

Terrible audio on this video but interesting nonetheless. I personally presaturate gauze pads with manuka honey and sandwich in between plastic wrap for easier management and to pre-prep for travel and other difficult wound care situations. If there is an abcess or hole-type wound, I have drizzled raw honey in the wound to fill it first, and then applied the pre-soaked gauze to hold it in place. Then cover with an absorbent dressing like Telfa or even vinyl-backed adhesive strips. This has been effective at quick healing and regeneration of skin during a major staph infection. Also of note, I am pre-treating wound area with colloidal silver from a nebulizer following a thorough cleaning of the wound with hydrogen peroxide. Purely anecdotal info here, but I hope it may help.

Frank said...

Manuka Honey is definitely gaining its well-deserved recognition as a natural wound healer. If there idea of applying honey directly to the skin is less desirable, there are wound dressings now available that contain active Manuka Honey as a healing agent. This takes the sticky mess out of the equation.