Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bee Product Helps Fight Cancer

By Karla Akuhata, Waikato Times (New Zealand), 10/28/2008

A bee-derived product manufactured by Manuka Health New Zealand, in Te Awamutu, is helping international researchers in the fight against cancer.

The team of researchers is using Bio 30 propolis, produced in the Te Awamutu factory, in a trial investigating the effects of propolis on tumour growth in cancer patients.

The team, led by Melbourne-based cancer researcher Hiroshi Maruta, is several months into testing Bio 30 propolis on 70 neurofibromatosis, melanoma and pancreatic cancer sufferers. Neurofiromatosis is a set of genetic disorders which cause tumours to grow along various types of nerves and can affect the development of non-nervous tissue such as bone and skin. In severe cases the disorder affects nerves throughout the body, including the brain and spinal cord.

Progress of the trial has been reported by the research team in a paper published in Wiley InterSciences Phytotherapy Research. According to the research, most patients have shown no further growth in their tumours…

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