Monday, October 06, 2008

Bee Venom May Be Useful in Treating Melanoma

Honeybee Venom Induces Calcium-Dependent But Caspase-Independent Apoptotic Cell Death inHuman Melanoma A2058 Cells
Toxicon, 2008 Aug 1;52(2):318-29

Honeybee (Apis mellifera) venom (BV) has been reported to exhibit anticancer effects, but its mode of action at the cellular and molecular levels remains largely unknown. We found that honeybee venom induced apoptosis in human melanoma A2058 cells but not in normal skin fibroblast Detroit 551 cells…

These observations provide a molecular explanation for the antiproliferative properties of BV, and suggest that this agent may be useful in treating melanoma.

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Danny Byrne said...

Truly amazing the research into bee venom helping to cure cancer (melenoma in particular). Very interesting, thank you for posting this!