Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Cameroon Beekeepers Taught to Produce Apitherapy Products

Bee Farmers Trained On Profitable Honey Farming
By Olive Ejang Tebug Ngoh, The Post (Cameroon), 10/7/2008

Some bee farmers in the Southwest Province were recently trained on how to make their venture profitable by processing both honey and its bi-products.

The two-day training took place at the Women Empowerment Centre, Kumba. The participants received fresh knowledge on honey quality, good harvest and smoking, pollen, propolis and royal jelly production, bee venom extraction and queen rearing, honey wine and mead, bee-keeping equipment, honey marketing, and access to finances.

According to the Southwest technical adviser of the Food and Agricultural Organisation, FAO, Irene Manyi Ako, the training is part of mobilisation and capacity building for small and medium size enterprises involved in the value chains of non-wood forest products in Central Africa…

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