Sunday, October 05, 2008

Video: ‘Artificial Beeswax’ Caused Allergic Reaction

Paris Woman Who had Severe Allergic Reaction to Lip Gloss Tells Her Story
Stephanie Brletic, KXII-TV, 10/3/2008

PARIS, Tex. -- A woman was hospitalized in critical condition for five days simply because she tried on a lip gloss this summer. She told her story to our Stephanie Brletic.

Gladys Wilkie tells us she's never had any problems with cosmetics before, but when she tried on a brand new lip gloss she bought this summer, she immediately had a severe allergic reaction.

She shared her story with KXII-TV, and warns others to be cautious.

Attorney John Ginn is handling Wilkie's case. He says the lip gloss will be analyzed to determine the exact cause.

Ginn says Wilkie is allergic to bee stings, and the product contains artificial bees wax

Maybelline issued a statement about the situation, saying the company adheres to rigorous standards, meeting all FDA regulations as well as all European regulations, continuing to say the lip gloss Wilkie used has artificial beeswax, and it could not trigger a reaction in someone with an allergy to bees

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beeswax allergy said...

Hopefully the real reason for the allergy has been identified by now. Even though it was not because of the customer's beeswax allergy, there must be something in the product that was really harmful for customers. It's a good thing that it was only a minor allergy then.