Monday, October 13, 2008

Study: Propolis Extract Halts Tumor Growth

Dollar-a-Day Bee Compound Halts Tumour Growth
Scoop Independent News, 10/13/08

A New Zealand company’s bee-derived product which costs only a dollar a day has halted tumour growth in a group of cancer patients taking part in a trial by international researchers.

Progress in the trial has been reported by the research team in a peer-reviewed paper just published in Wiley InterScience’s Phytotherapy Research.

Manuka Health New Zealand chief executive Kerry Paul said today the company was delighted to hear the results after providing its Bio 30™ Propolis product for the research.

“As in all research, we need to take care not to make a blanket propolis-cures-cancer claim,” he said.

“However, the paper shows the researchers believe Bio 30 holds major promise in the fight against this type of tumour.”

Mr Paul said the research team was several months into a human trial testing Bio 30™ Propolis on 70 neurofibromatosis, melanoma and pancreatic cancer sufferers. The daily cost for adult treatment was only a dollar…

In the Phytotherapy Research paper, Melbourne-based cancer researcher Dr Hiroshi Maruta describes Bio 30 as “a very safe healthcare food supplement”.

“Although our trial is still at a very early stage (less than 12 months for NF1 patients and 6 months for NF2 and a few other cancer patients), so far the majority of these patients showed a positive outcome from Bio 30, namely no further growth of their tumours,” the paper says.

“It is our hope that this work will set the stage, a milestone for much more sophisticated and comprehensive clinical studies in the future for testing the effect of Bio 30 not only on the growth of NF tumours and PAK1-dependent formidable cancers such as pancreatic cancers, melanomas and multiple myeloma, but also several other PAK1-dependent diseases such as AIDS (HIV infection) and Fragile X mental retardation syndrome.”…

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