Saturday, October 25, 2008

Honey, Royal Jelly Lip Balm Introduced in Japan

Honey & Royal Jelly Lip Balm
Cosmetics & Toiletries & Household Products Marketing News, 10/25/2008

Vecua has released "Vecua Honey Lustre R" 2 types of lip balm formulated with natural beauty and moisturising agents including honey and royal jelly.

The products are: "Beauty lotion" - formulated to both rehydrate and protect the lips from dryness, the balm also improves blood flow to the lips.

Available in 3 colours "Lip Gloss" - a high gloss balm with a similar composition to the above and containing pearl particle to accentuate the lip profile. Available in 7 colours Price: 2,520 yen.

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