Friday, January 08, 2010

Video: Medicinal Honey Product Brought to U.S.

Couple Brings New Zealand Honey Products to the Mid-State

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (, 1/5/2009) - A Nashville couple is bringing a product from New Zealand to the United States, and they believe it could mean big business for them.

The Manuka Naturals Cream is an all natural skin cream that is supposed to relieve several skin ailments.

"Including eczema, acne, burns, poison oak, poison ivy, things like that," said Michael Hart, co-owner of Manuka Naturals.

People around the world have long known about the benefits of Manuka honey, and now Michael and Valerie Hart, along with a partner, have the rights to bring the Manuka Naturals skin care line to the U.S.

Michael said, "The products are very popular in New Zealand and Australia and in Europe, but people are just now becoming aware of Manuka Honey and its benefits in the U.S."…

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