Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Honey as a Topical Anesthetic

Enhance Your Meals, Immune System With Local Honey
The Birmingham News (USA), 5/3/2006

There is much lore written about honey, but there are two medicinal theories that I hold true from experience. One is that honey collected from bees raised closest to where you live is an immune booster. If you eat 2 or 3 teaspoons of local honey a day, your allergies to local flowering plants and trees will be reduced. Amen.

Honey has antiseptic properties, but I didn't realize it has anesthetic properties - topical, that is. I recently picked up a pot lid that had just come out of the oven (I know, not real smart!), and my sister grabbed the honey and slathered it all over the burned spot. I did not feel one bit of sting, heat or hurt, just the sticky mess on my hand. No blisters, scars, nothing…

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Drmirfan said...

Yes, of course honey is a very amazing natural medicine! Allah Almighty(God Almighty) says in His Last Book, The Holy Quran:" in it(honey) there is healing for mankind"(translation of Quranic verse)