Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Apitherapy in Nigeria

Gospel of the Busy Bee
By Oluwatoyin Malik, Nigerian Tribune, 6/21/06

To many people, the bee is a stinging insect that is dangerous to mankind and has no special attribute except the production of honey. However, this is not the case for Ayodele Ambali Salako, a popular apitherapist.

For Salako, the gospel of bees and honey goes beyond eating and extends to treatment of various kinds of ailments. Ailments like migraine, cancer, obesity, diabetes, infertility, fibroid, fallopian tube blockage and all types of fever-like jaundice, malaria, hay and others are included in diseases that can be treated with apiterapy.

A visit to the office of Ambali Salako, the man in charge of Salako - Oniluofeotu beekeeping Apiherapist revealed that quite a number of people are embracing the treatment of ailments through bee products known as Apitherapy.

Midweek Tribune gathered from him that apitherapy is natural healing and it is supported by the holy scriptures. Salako quoted from the Holy Quran to back his claim. He said, “the Holy Quran 16:68-69 says, the lord inspired the bees to put their nest (combs) in mountains, rocks, trees and in men habitations and the bees to eat the produce of the earth and release a product in varying colours which will be healing for mankind and the lord will make their way smooth. In this is a sign for those who think and give thoughts.”

Explaining this verse, Salako said the Lord has given the bee free access to produce materials that are beneficial to man. He added that, it also indicates that only men of thought who can do research, can understand these uses.

Salako also explained that the Holy Bible in Proverbs 24:13-14 also extols the virtues of honey. Using honey for treatment in various forms is becoming an household issue but what stands Salako out is the bee venom therapy; the art of using bees to sting humans for the purpose of curing them of various ailments. This is also known as the bee injection…

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