Saturday, June 17, 2006

Palestinians Praise Medicinal Value of Thyme Honey

Palestinian Women Become Beekeepers
Reuters, 6/16/2006

A new beekeeping project launched by the East Hebron Area Development Programme (ADP) will allow 80 local women to establish their own business and help support their families.

Bani Naim is located 55 kilometers south of Jerusalem and is home to 10,000 people. The town was always famous for its honey, and the special medicinal value it has.

Beekeeping is usually a profession for men in the Palestinian territories, but the ADP that is interested in improving the status of women in the local community has decided to help women enter this profession to support their families…

The Italian hybrid bees purchased for the project are well known for their ability to live in areas where there are drastic temperature changes can collect nectar from a variety of plants especially the wild thyme that covers the hills around Bani Naim in the spring.

The wild thyme gives the Bani Naim honey a special flavour and medicinal values…

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