Saturday, August 19, 2006

Honey Acts as Natural Moisturizer, Anti-Irritant, Exfoliator

Beach Ready Beauty with Honey
Hope Star (USA), 8/18/06

(ARA) - Whether you'll be bronzing at the beach, pool-side or in the back yard, it's time to make sure your skin is ready for ultimate summer exposure.

Before putting on those summer tanks and sandals, take a moment to slough away winter's effect on your skin and rejuvenate with one of nature's favorite beauty secrets - honey.

For centuries, pure honey has been used as part of a healthy skincare regimen. From Cleopatra to Jennifer Lopez, well-known beauties have used honey as part of their regular beauty treatments. Pure honey acts as a natural humectant, anti-irritant and exfoliator to give skin a sweet, youthful glow.

Christopher Watt, owner of Christopher Watt Esthetics in West Hollywood, Calif. and skin care expert to celebrity A-listers, including Halle Berry and Ricky Martin, uses pure honey in most of his skin and beauty treatments.

"I recommend using 100 percent pure honey as part of your regular beauty routine," said Watt. "With summer rapidly approaching, now is a great time to experience honey's natural moisturizing properties. Honey is an inexpensive way to get spa-like results."…

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