Tuesday, September 05, 2006

80 Percent of Malaysian Honey Adulterated or Synthetic

80pc Local Honey Sold ‘Not Pure’
By Sulaiman Jaafar, New Straits Times, 9/5/2006

A recent study by a Universiti Malaya team found that about 80 per cent of the Malaysian honey in the market is either adulterated or synthetic.

Led by Prof Dr Kamaruddin Mohd Yusoff of the Faculty of Medicine, the team collected hundreds of bottles from wet and night markets, medicine shops and supermarkets around the country.

Dr Kamaruddin, who has been researching honey for the past 20 years, said of 40 samples taken for the final study, only nine were pure honey.

"It is estimated that only one in five bottles of honey sold is pure, while the rest is either synthetic or adulterated," he said at the First International Conference on the Medicinal Uses of Honey organised by Universiti Sains Malaysia’s Health campus recently. More than 100 people attended, with a large participation from overseas…

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