Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Royal Jelly Liposomes Help Cell Proliferation, Renewal

Jafra Cosmetics Working on Future of Beauty
By Allison Bruce, Ventura County Star (USA), 9/5/2006

Fifty years ago, Jafra Cosmetics International started with an ancient beauty treatment that was built around mystique.

The result was Royal Jelly — a line of body care products that used a substance produced by bees to feed their young, particularly developing queens.

The substance has been used for centuries in various forms to rejuvenate the skin. Jafra seized on that to grow the company.

But an increasing demand for new products prompted Jafra to examine further possibilities.

That's where Pragna Chakravarti came in. The company's vice president of research and development and chief scientific officer is trained in pharmaceutical chemistry and has an extensive background in cosmetics, including a stint at Revlon's research center in New York. She decided to see how new science could move Jafra forward.

Royal Jelly is a very complex ingredient. It has not been successfully synthesized. Chakravarti wondered if it might be possible to reduce it down to liposomes, small particles that easily penetrate the skin.

Tests found that the serum made with those liposomes helped cell proliferation and cell renewal. With data from research done in France, the company's Royal Jelly Lift Concentrate hit the market in 2004…

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