Saturday, November 25, 2006

Honey, Beeswax Used in All-Natural Skin Care Products

Creating Unique Lip Balm Using Montana-Produced Apiary Products
By Angela Woolett, The Prairie Star (USA), 11/24/2006

MISSOULA, Mont. - Shana Mattheis has taken her love of lip balms and applied the skin conditioning and rejuvenating benefits of beeswax and honey, creating her own line of all-natural skin products.

It was just one year ago when Mattheis, who was living in Harlowton, Mont., was “goofing around” with a friend and came up with the idea to make a lip balm from products that could be found at a local apiary. And that is how “Beekeeper's Blend” was born.

Mattheis began researching the product and eventually developed her own line of lip balms made with honey and beeswax from Harlowton, almond oil and vitamin E. Vitamin E preserves the other oils while almond oil is rich and smooth, giving the balms their non-waxy, non-greasy feel. Most of the balms are scented or flavored with essential oils, fragrance oils or flavor oils…

For additional information about any of the “Beekeeper's Blend” products, visit Mattheis' Web site at Beekeepers Blend is a Made in Montana product.

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