Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sugar-Free Honey in India?

Sugar Free Honey Project For Himachal
India Business Insight, 11/15/2006

The Government of Himachal Pradesh (HP) has introduced a new eco-friendly beekeeping system in the State. The intention is to motivate farmers to produce sugar-free honey. The National Horticulture Board has dispatched 5,000 beekeeping boxes with bees to HP and they will be distributed in 10 of the 12 districts.

The bees will be fed on the stevia herbal plant leaves that can produce sugar-free honey.
The plant is considered a natural sweetener and attracts bees.

Sugar-free honey is in demand by diabetics and has the properties to reduce cravings for sugar and fat. It is said to be helpful in controlling blood sugar and high blood pressure.

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