Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Energy Bar Contains Royal Jelly, Honey

Recipe for a Boost: Local Entrepreneur Strikes Again
By Richard Foster, Style Weekly (USA), 3/28/2007

Susan Hardwicke knew she was onto something when she went for a run and felt like she’d “been shot out of a cannon.”

Hardwicke, a local psychologist, entrepreneur and Internet pioneer, achieved local fame in the 1990s for her successful startup, the online educational-testing company EduTest. But soon she might be better known to weightlifters and athletes.

About a year ago, Hardwicke whipped up the formula for a new energy bar in the kitchen of her Wyndham home and sampled it before taking that aforementioned run. Now her Henrico County-based company, Virginia Bionutrients, is selling the Fuser Energy Micro-Bar in four flavors in Vitamin Shoppe stores and gyms nationwide. ..

Hardwicke’s been treating attention-deficit disorders in children and adults for years, and she was working on a formula in her kitchen for naturally treating ADD. That’s when she says she discovered the energetic benefits that resulted in combining ribonucleic acid (RNA) with cocoa, lecithin and natural bee products such as royal jelly and honey.

“Any one of those might give you a little bit of a boost,” Hardwicke says, “but when you put them together as a whole, it’s more than the sum of its parts”…

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