Monday, March 05, 2007

New US Companies Use Bee Products for Skin Care

Youths Create Body-Care Line
John O’Connell, Idaho State Journal (USA), 3/4/2007

CHUBBUCK — When school lets out, the Judd children start mixing and packaging their secret formulas.

The five siblings, ages 7 to 16, have become a business team. They recently started combing the city for vendors to carry their line of homemade skin-care products, which they call IHaveHives. They use only natural ingredients — such as lavender, eucalyptus, beeswax, almond oil, coconut oil and olive oil — in their lip balms, hand creams, body butters and bars. Exact quantities and a few specific ingredients are trade secrets...

Veteran Natural Food Entrepreneurs Launch BeeCeuticals Organics™ Skin and Hair Care Products, 3/3/2007

The Gerbers met Jon Guerra, a Cornell University graduate, chemist and herbalist. When Jon was 21 years old, a boating accident caused a wound on his leg that would not heal. His father, a doctor, began using medicinal honey and the wound cleared up immediately. Like the Gerbers, Jon shares a passion for the miraculous products of the hive and the three teamed up, researching and developing their own blend of honeys from around the world which were selected for their proven medicinal properties and those that were most beneficial to the skin, thus creating their own proprietary 100% Organic Holistic Honey Blend ™.

When other skin care lines claim they use honey, most actually use cheap powdered honeys or honey that is heated, filtered, irradiated and pasteurized because they are easier to handle during the manufacturing process.

These cheaper honeys have little or no health benefits. BeeCeuticals Organics ™ uses honey that is certified organic, raw, unfiltered and never heated above hive temperature. Their proprietary Organic Holistic Honey Blend ™ is a potent anti-aging ingredient that benefits the skin due to its antioxidant density and curative factors.

Their product line includes Honey Thyme™ Hand and Body Lotion, Queen Bee for a Day Cream™, Bee Line Free™ Eye Cream, Bee-yond Body Balm™ Skin Care Repair Cream, and Bee-Hair-Now™ Hydrating Honey Shampoo & Conditioner, and all are made with their proprietary holistic honey blend…