Tuesday, July 24, 2007

American Reporter Tries Bee Venom Therapy

People in Pain Get the Point of the Sting
By Dariush Shafa, The Herald-Leader USA), 7/23/2007

…I don't even feel the stinger as it punches through my skin. Then there is a needlepoint of fire, and it spreads. My whole knee feels like it's under a barrage of searing hot pins.

I've just been stung by a bee. Willingly…

Two minutes after the sting, the pain peaks and then begins to diminish.

By that night, all pain has ceased and the aches are gone.

It's exactly the end result Carlson said would happen. Not only does she use this therapy on others, who suffer diseases from multiple sclerosis to simple arthritis, but also on herself, after she became infected with Lyme Disease from a tick bite. She estimates that she's been stung more than 25,000 times on purpose…

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