Friday, July 13, 2007

Propolis Extract Suppressed Neurofibromatosis Tumors in Mice

Bee Product Stalls Tumours
The Dominion Post (New Zealand), 7/14/2007

A Waikato bee-product extract is being used in human cancer treatment trials after being found to stall tumours in mice.

Results of tests involving Manuka Health's propolis liquid Bio30 were announced yesterday at a medical conference in the United States, with German researchers claiming it is 40 per cent more effective on a particular tumour than the first natural anti- cancer treatment known. Dr Hiroshi Maruta, head of the research team at University Hospital Eppendorf, said Bio30 suppressed neurofibromatosis tumours in mice by more than 90 per cent over 100-day tests.

The first known natural anti-cancer treatment, a Chinese pepper extract, was only 50 per cent effective, the tests showed. Neurofibromatosis variant NF1 affects one in 3000 people.

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