Sunday, August 05, 2007

Best-Selling Diet Author Calls Bee-Collected Pollen ‘Superfood’

An Interview with Tosca Reno, Author of The Eat-Clean Diet
Written by Kelly Jad'on, Blog Critics, 8/4/2007

It's difficult to imagine that Ms. Tosca Reno was once a 40 year old fat housewife who transformed not just her body, but also her life. This is the author of The Eat-Clean Diet, a best-seller. Read it. You'll find the tools to empower your own lifestyle makeover…

KJ: What did you eat for breakfast today?

T. Reno: This morning I ate a bowl of ½ C dry oatmeal, 1T wheat germ (for Vitamin E and fiber) and 2T coarsely chopped flax seed with 1C hot water, 1/4C mixed berries, 1C of coffee, 2T of bee pollen.

KJ: Bee pollen?

T. Reno: Yes, it’s a superfood (protein, complex carbs, vitamins, rutin, minerals). It helps increase stamina during cardio, and improves weight management, by curving cravings for large portions of food…

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