Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Pollen Extract Effective in Treating Prostatitis

Cernilton Efficacy in Prostatic Adenoma and Chronic Prostatitis
Urologiia, 2007 May-Jun;(3):35-7, 39.

Cernilton is a phytodrug containing pollen extract. It has antiandrogenic and anti-inflammatory effects influencing alpha1-adrenoblockers located in the zone of the detrusor and urethra. A conservative therapy with cernilton was given to 72 patients with chronic prostatitis and prostatic adenoma of stage I-II. Detailed urologic examination before the treatment and after it demonstrates that cernilton is effective, safe and well tolerated medicine for prostatic adenoma and chronic prostatitis. Cernilton is recommended for wider use in the treatment of patients with prostatic adenoma and chronic prostatitis.

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