Monday, October 29, 2007

Beeswax Candles Recommended to Help ‘Asthma-Proof’ Homes

Ten Tips to Help Asthma-Proof Your Home
Child Health News, 10/29/2007

The onset of winter cold and flu season combined with colder, short days unfortunately all contribute to increased asthma symptoms for many children.

People remain inside this time of year plus indoor air quality becomes poor, while colds move through families, schools and communities. As homes are tightly sealed with closed windows, air is trapped with less ventilation causing irritants that trigger asthma to be more concentrated. Tobacco smoke, molds, smoke from festive holiday fireplaces and wood stoves used for heat all contribute to poor air quality, negatively impacting asthma sufferers. Children are increasingly diagnosed with asthma in the United States, and they can be especially affected by air quality in their environment.

Ten tips to help "asthma-proof" your home…

Tip 3: Use only clean-burning candles. Plain, unscented natural beeswax candles have a gentle, sweet scent without added perfumes and dyes...

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