Thursday, October 11, 2007

Iran Considers Production of Bee Venom, Royal Jelly

Iran Can Produce Venom and Royal Gel of Bee
By Fatemeh Mehrdadian, Iranian Agriculture News Agency, 10/10/2007

Iran can produce Venom and Royal Gel of Bee as well as increasing the per capita production of Honey.

(IANA) – “Although Iran can produce Bee Venom, which is being sold over 400 Dollars per Gram, as well as the Royal Gel, country’s industry of bee growing is falling down,” said Ali Nazemi, Executive of the Union of Honeybee growers of the province Isfahan.

“The average production amount of Honey is over 100 Kilos per Hive in industrial countries while this number in Iran is even 10 Kilos,” said Nazemi.

“If the deputy of Livestock Affairs of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad proceeds for equipping the research institutes of genetic modification of Honeybee, there will be opportunities for making raw materials for medical drugs as well as raising the production amount of Honey,” he asserted.

“This union needs basic agreement of the Ministry of Agriculture in order to start its researches but there have been no replies yet,” he continued, stating that he has submitted the project “Creating Venom and Production of Royal Gel to the Ministry of Agriculture” to the Ministry of Agriculture.

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train the beekeepers
good hive management will increase the honey production