Thursday, September 04, 2008

Local Honey Said to Cure Hayfever

'I've Bee-n Cured'
By Bonnie Friend, Borehamwood Times (UK), 9/4/2008

A chronic hayfever-sufferer has enjoyed the summer for the first time in 22 years after finding a cure in his Radlett allotment.

Stuart Thorn, 53, was treated with cortisol injections for 20 years and five years ago started having acupuncture, as recommended by his doctor.

However, in 2006 Mr Thorn and his wife, Mo, realised a long-planned ambition to keep bees and produce honey at their allotment in Phillimore Recreation Ground, in Gills Hill Lane.

And after two years of daily, home-produced honey intake, Mr Thorn realised his hayfever symptoms had disappeared.

“The theory that eating local honey can help hayfever has been around for a long time,” said Mr Thorn.

The idea is that the product contains the nectar from surrounding flowers, which causes an allergic reaction in hayfever sufferers. By eating small doses of the offending substance, the honey acts like an inoculation and allows the body to acclimatise to the pollen and guard against it…

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