Thursday, September 18, 2008

Propolis Decreases Cancer Cell Division

Anticarcinogenic and Antimitotic Effects of Turkish Propolis and Mitomycin-C on Tissue Cultures of Bladder Cancer
Natural Product Research, Volume 22, Issue 12 August 2008 , pages 1060 - 1066

Abstract: The in vitro anticarcinogenic and antimitotic effects of propolis and mitomycin-C (MMC) on transitional carcinoma cell cultures were investigated. Tissue samples were obtained from 22 patients with bladder carcinomas, which were exposed to propolis (0.1 mL) and MMC (1.6 ┬ÁL). The mean MI rates for control, propolis and MMC were 8.327 ± 0.624, 6.990 ± 0.519 and 5.423 ± 0.479, respectively. The differences between the control and exposed cells were significant (p < 0.05). We conclude that exposure to propolis can decrease cell division and it may be used as an antimitotic and anticarcinogenic agent.

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