Saturday, December 27, 2008

200+ Compounds Identified in Bee Bread

Gas Chromatographic-Mass Spectrometric Investigation of the Chemical Composition of Beebread
Food Chemistry, Article in Press

Beebread consumption has a very long tradition; however, its composition and bioactive properties have not been studied thoroughly up to now. This study is expected to expand the knowledge of chemical composition of this bee product as a natural remedy and functional food ingredient.

With the help of successive extraction with organic solvents of different polarity, more than 200 compounds were extracted from five samples of beebread and then identified by GC-MS method. The content of some phenol compounds (p-coumaric acid, kaempherol, isorhamnetin) with antioxidant properties has been determined quantitatively. Different content of free aminoacids have been detected in the analyzed samples, which is assumed to be caused by Maillard reaction between aminoacids and carbohydrates.

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