Saturday, November 07, 2009

Royal Jelly Recommended for Stress

Stress and Sex
The Philippine Star, 11/5/2009

MANILA, Philippines - Too much dedication toward one’s work can bring too much stress. And too much stress can greatly affect one’s health.

Some of the common problems experienced by people under stress include depression, hair loss, irritability, and obesity. It can also affect the immune system, thus people with high stress levels are more prone to diseases such as diabetes.

Aside from these, stress can also lower one’s libido. Since chronic stress affects the function of hormones (cortisol and epinephrine), it can also affect hormones involved in one’s sexual response…

Supplements with royal jelly and ginseng can also improve one’s ability for sexual intimacy. Energin 300, for instance, provides a high dose of royal jelly and ginseng.

It is now being prescribed by many local doctors who have seen remarkable improvement in their patients. A lot of doctors have already considered Energin 300 as a natural enhancer of health and wellness.

Manufactured by NOW Foods, one of the leading manufacturers of vitamins and food supplements in the United States, Energin 300 has the highest amount of ginseng among similar brands that help improve one’s overall performance if taken regularly. Trianon International distributes it locally.

The beneficial effect of Energin 300 was recently shown in a pre-launch trial among office personnel and employees, public transport drivers, call center agents, and students who reported improved virility and sexual potency after taking Energin 300, according to Trianon marketing manager Charles Cultura.

Majority of the subjects also reported overall improvement in physical and mental performance, and ability to fight stress, he said…

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