Friday, November 27, 2009

UK Legal Case Deals with Use of Honey as Alternative Medicine

Healer Who Refused Traditional Medicine Died After Treating Infection with Honey
A former nurse who turned to the world of alternative medicine was accused at the High Court of being responsible for the death of her ''soulmate'' partner.
Telegraph (UK), 11/27/09

A judge heard both Cherie Cameron and Russell Jenkins - a healing therapist - believed in regularly checking with their ''inner being'' on how to live their lives.

They were living and working together at Mr Jenkins's home in Lorne Road, Southsea, Hampshire.

He ran the Quiet Mind Centre, which offered complementary medicine.

But the ''inner guidance'' Russell received was against seeking conventional medical help when a minor injury became infected with gangrene, the judge was told. He died, aged 52, in April 2007. Instead he used honey and magnesium sulphate.

At London's High Court his parents, Donald and Eileen Jenkins, accused Ms Cameron of failing in the duty of care she owed to their son.

Their lawyers argued she was an experienced theatre nurse who ought to have known that death was inevitable if a patient with gangrene did not receive antibiotics…

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