Sunday, December 06, 2009

Black Cumin and Honey Recommended to Prevent Swine Flu

Distrustful of Swine Flu Vaccine, Many Go for Herbal Remedies
Nadeen Ibrahim, Arab News, 12/6/2009

MADINAH: Fears both about swine flu and the safety of the vaccine against it have sent Saudi housewives rushing back to traditional remedies in the hope of protecting their families. Sales of oranges, lemons and especially black cumin and honey have risen as a result…

According a local herbal merchant, Muhammad Al-Hussein, sales of black cumin rose remarkably over the past few months. He attributed this to popular belief that it would protect people against the H1N1 virus and other illnesses. He said clients often asked if black cumin was good for swine flu. He always answered by referring to a Hadith in which the Prophet had said it cures all diseases.

The merchant said gurgling cumin oil helped cure bronchitis. “Ground and mixed with honey, black cumin will kill bacteria and increase immunity against cold and asthma,” he said. “If it does not cure you, it will not harm you.”…

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