Monday, December 07, 2009

Video: Amazing Medical Power of Bee Stings

How Bees Are Used To Treat Serious Illness
NewsNet5, 11/25/2009

If you drive down one quiet country road in Warren Ohio, you'll probably notice The Hive. Inside, as you would expect, you'd find bees.

But what you might not expect to see is a man intentionally stinging people with those bees.

Karen McGhee, 59, said when she tells people about her bee sting therapy, she gets the same reaction, "'Ah, you're crazy! Why do you want to do that?'"

For McGhee, the answer is simple. She said the bee venom alleviates her pain and weakness from multiple sclerosis.

"If I couldn't do the bees, I'd probably be maybe in a wheelchair, not being able to walk very well," McGhee said.

Floyd Alexander has been stinging McGhee twice a week for five years now. He said he's stung more than 2,000 people since he started offering this therapy about 15 years ago…

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