Saturday, March 05, 2011

Apitherapy Becomes Popular in Mexico (Spanish)

Rotary Journal (Mexico), 2/28/2011

"Apitoxin is considered in biological medicine to help restore balance to the body and maintain the health of any person" - Mayra Vazquez, apitherapist.

Alternative medicine to cure various diseases and treatment of stress and physical ailments, has begun to emerge through the Apitherapy and Homeopathy, which significantly improve the health of People of all ages.

In an interview, Mayra López Vázquez, therapist, alternative medicine, of Sefi Nzaki, Said the apitherapy is used to treat different diseases by application of acupuncture, so you can treat almost all diseases.

"The technique is to be stung in different parts of the body (depending on condition) by a bee, which is what gives honey, but must be done by a professional who knows the special treatment, "he said.

Apitherapy said the application is apitoxin in regulated doses, which is the substance containing the bees in the pocket of his lancet and has functions as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and antibacterial as well as being one of the antibiotics most powerful that exists for the cure of diseases…

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