Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Royal Jelly Protein May Play Role in Honey Allergy

Immunological Characterization of Honey Proteins and Identification of MRJP 1 as an IgE-Binding Protein
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem, 2011 Mar 7

We encountered a fourth case of honey allergy in Japan. We characterized and identified the IgE-binding proteins in honey using the serum of a honey-allergenic patient.

Immunoblot analysis revealed that IgE in the patient serum specifically bound to four proteins in each honey sample. At least three of these IgE-binding proteins were N-linked glycoproteins. To identify the 60-kDa IgE-binding protein in dandelion honey, the N-terminal sequences of the fragmented protein were analyzed, revealing the protein to be major royal jelly protein 1 (MRJP 1). Three IgE-binding proteins removed of N-linked oligosaccharide showed a large reduction in IgE-binding activity as compared with the intact protein.

This suggests that the carbohydrates in the IgE-binding proteins are a major epitope for patient IgE.

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Gary W. said...

We have a friend living with us who displays an allergic reation to honey, raw or processed. He loves the taste but gags once ingested.
We live in Washington state.