Friday, April 15, 2011

Bulgarian Manna Honey Properties Compared to Manuka

Project to Try to Prove Link Between Bulgaria’s Manna Honey and New Zealand’s Manuka Honey
FOCUS News Agency, 4/11/11

A project will try to prove a link between manna honey common in the Strandzha mountains, Southeastern Bulgaria, and New Zealand’s Manuka honey, Manol Todorov, a honey producer and organizer of the manna honey festival in the coastal municipality of Tsarevo, told FOCUS – Burgas Radio.

This year’s edition of the festival is due between August 1 and 7.

Last year we sent six samples for a test in Sofia. They showed that in terms of features and content, manna honey resembles the honey produced from the Manuka tree in New Zealand. The latter is the most expensive type of honey worldwide. On the basis of these samples we will launch a project in August-September to study the air, soil, water, and manna content in order to prove the link, he added.

Todorov hopes the results will be available within a year and if the project proves the link, the price of the Bulgarian honey will rise.

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