Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kate Middleton Uses Bee Venom Facial

Kate's Bizarre NZ Facial Treatment
By Alanah Eriksen, New Zealand Herald, 4/28/2011

Kate Middleton may have been using venom from New Zealand bees as a face treatment ahead of her wedding.

The royal bride is reported to have taken the beauty tip from Prince William's stepmother, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Bee Venom Mask, supposedly an alternative to botox, was credited last year with making Camilla, 63, look years younger.

The cream, which is sold online and in specialist boutiques, is said to work by gently stinging the skin, leaving a tingling sensation and causing the body to direct blood flow to the area…


Anonymous said...

Please don't use her name in advertisements and promotion of your products ! Moreover, she is too young to use lifting cream and do not spreed such fake information!

Sarah Moore said...

Another amazing bee product from NZ hitting the world stage! The Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla it says, has also used the 'alternative to Botox'.