Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Apitherapy Products Promoted in Fiji

Farmers Learn Tricks of the Trade in Bee-Keeping
Sera Whippy, Fiji Times, 11/6/2011

It was a bee-affair for about 28 farmers who attended a Ministry of Agriculture workshop at the Veilomani Boys Home in Ba.

Agriculture officer Karishma Gounder said the workshop, which was for four days, had farmers from as far as Nadi and Tavua who wanted to learn the tricks of the trade in bee-keeping...

She said the last two days of the workshop saw the farmers constructing bee-hives. "A standard beehive was constructed with the help of the agriculture officers. This is a sustainable method of reducing costs and expenses. With this workshop farmers now would be able to construct their own beehives at a low cost and sell honey and other bee hive products such as wax, pollen, royal jelly and propolis at a quality price."

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