Saturday, November 05, 2011

Study looks at Honey-Alginate Scaffold for Wound Healing

Ex vivo Bio-Compatibility of Honey-Alginate Fibrous Matrix for HaCaT and 3T3 with Prime Molecular Expressions
J Mater Sci Mater Med, 2011 Nov 1

Honey's inherent compositional diversity, bio-compatibility and time tested therapeutic efficacy, especially in tissue repair as a topical agent, attract researchers towards harnessing its biomaterial potential particularly in developing matrix for tissue engineering applications.

Hence, this study fabricates fibrous mat from optimum honey-alginate formulation and alginate solution using wet spinning technology.

The physical and morphological properties of the scaffolds are assessed and finally their comparative biological performances are evaluated through in vitro studies on adherence, viability and prime molecular expression of HaCaT and 3T3 cells.

The honey-alginate scaffold demonstrates better performance than that of alginate in terms of cellular adherence, viability and proper expression of cell-cell adhesion molecule (E-cadherin) and prime molecules of extra cellular matrix (Collagen I and III) by HaCaT and 3T3 respectively.

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