Wednesday, December 21, 2011

‘CycloPower’ Boosts Manuka Honey’s Medicinal Benefits

Backed by Science, Manuka Health Looks to Take on World
By Kate Beecroft, idealog, December 19, 2011

Manuka Health has announced its arrival as a serious biotech player with the potential for multi-million dollar exports with new product MGO Manuka Honey with CycloPower.

Manuka honey has been gaining traction as a powerful natural healer for some time. Renowned for its ability to limit the growth of bacteria, manuka honey has often been considered highly-effective, but not life-saving. Manuka Health, a global leader in natural healthcare, says this is all changing.

A discovery by Japanese scientists at Kobe University that a plant derivative, cyclodextrins, could aid the transportation of bio-actives into the body, is bolstering support for manuka honey to make serious inroads into stopping and preventing infections. Manuka Health has combined cyclodextrins (CycloPower) with highly bacteria-resistant manuka honey, which can kill some of the most virulent bacteria.

Researcher Dr Lynne Chepulis says the combination of MGO manuka honey with CycloPower is akin to putting a ball into a bucket. The active properties of the honey can be taken right down into the lower intestine to treat disorders where previously the bioactive molecules would have been destroyed by the body before the journey’s end. The molecules are also released slowly so all of the good stuff is made available to the body.

With virulent anti-biotic resistant bacteria causing havoc in hospitals throughout the world, MGO Manuka and CylcoPower can work as a natural way to stop infections and fill the gap where resistant strains have become highly dangerous.

Dr Chepulis has conducted a series of successful lab tests to prove that MGO Manuka enhanced with CycloPower can eradicate the bacterium that is responsible for causing life-threatening stomach cancers and ulcers, as well as strep throat and scarlet fever…

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