Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Use Bee Venom Face Masks

Skin Saver: To Bee or Not to Bee?
By Marilyn Kalfus, The Orange County Register, 11/29/2011

What to make of reports that celebrities are using facial masks with bee venom to iron away wrinkles? We showed you one from the Daily Mail yesterday about Kate Middleton. And last year Duchess of Cornwall Camilla, 64, shown above, was said to have paid £55 ( about $86) for a facial at a bee-venom salon.

If so, the results probably didn't last for long.

Dr. Vince Afsahi, a dermatologist in Newport Beach and Tustin and a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at USC, says:

"Bee venom is the latest cosmetic fad which is trying to compete with the likes of Botox and fillers for wrinkle treatment. The research and scientific studies are non-existent or anecdotal at best. Some creams act like mild irritants to the skin, causing mild swelling and increased blood flow. This results in softening of creases and lines only temporarily…

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